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AZ Attorney General sets supervision guidelines for Apache County Attorney’s Office

APACHE COUNTY- Arizona Attorney General’s Office delivered a letter that explains they will provide assistance and support to the Apache County Attorney’s Office. The letter outlines allegations of misconduct against County Attorney Michael Whiting.

On Tuesday, June 4, The Arizona Attorney General’s Office executed a search warrant on the Apache County Attorney’s Office and Whiting’s home. 

Apache County Attorney’s Office Staff penned a letter asking Whiting to resign due to the ongoing Arizona Attorney General’s search warrant and sighting that Whiting left them to manage the search with out him. 

In the letter to the Apache County Board of Supervisors dated June 7, Mayes’ office outlines the state’s response to an ongoing investigation involving alleged misuse of public funds and the intimidation of a political opponent.

Mayes wrote that her intervention is intended to support the Apache County Attorney’s Office, not control it. She clarified that this action is also not meant to interfere with the authority of the Board of Supervisors over county offices.

Arizona Revised Statutes give her the authority to step in and monitor. Mayes stated that her office will be assisting the Apache County Attorney’s Office in its normal work for the next 90 days. Mayes “deemed necessary” to exercise her supervisory powers.

Mayes wrote in the letter parameters that will be put in place during the 90 days including:

(1) Giving the chief deputy county attorney full authority to make decisions for the office in the absence of Whiting.

(2) Giving the chief deputy county attorney the authority to preserve any and all evidence necessary for the investigation into Whiting.

(3) The Apache County Attorney’s Office must provide monthly expenditure reports to the Attorney General’s Criminal Division.

(4) Should Whiting return to his office, he must obtain approval from the Attorney General’s Criminal Division chief for any personnel decisions or expenditures exceeding $200.

(5) The Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Office will be available to assist the chief deputy as needed

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Letter dated June 7 from Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Kris Mayes to the Apache County Board of Supervisors.


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