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Letters to the Editor


To be considered for publication in Mountain Daily Star, all submissions must include the full name, mailing address, and daytime phone number of the author. This information is essential for verifying the authenticity of the submitted letter. Please note that Mountain Daily Star does not disclose any provided phone numbers or addresses, and published letters include only the name and city of the author.

Letters Policy:

The Editorial Board editors follow these guidelines when selecting letters to the editor for publication:

  1. Letters should not exceed 200 words. Please use the provided form to submit your thoughts.
  2. All letters must undergo verification before publication; anonymous letters are not published.
  3. Op-eds can be emailed to editor@mountaindailystar.com with “My Turn” in the subject line. These pieces should be no longer than 650 words. However, please be aware that only a fraction of these submissions can be published. Submitting a letter to the editor offers a better chance of publication.
  4. Content submitted may be published or distributed in print, electronic, or other formats.
  5. Subject matter should be relevant, provocative, constructive, and timely. Passion and humor are appreciated.
  6. Critiques of Mountain Daily Star are acceptable, and letters disagreeing with editorial stances are equally valuable for publication.
  7. Letter writers may have only one letter published per month.

Letters to the Editor

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