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Last Known Picture of Missing Joseph City Juvenile, Jarrett Brooks, Released.

Case Update:

As of today, the case regarding the missing Juvenile from Joseph City Arizona, Jarrett Brooks, has received no leads that prove his whereabouts or if he is still alive. Investigators have received numerous leads over the past few months, from all over the country, and all the leads have been researched and exhausted. None of the leads to date have resulted in anything positive regarding Jarrett Brooks location or physical wellbeing.

There have been many theories regarding Jarrett’s case. Investigators are looking to interview anyone with information about Jarrett’s location. If you witnessed anything, please come forward, you can remain anonymous.

“Please keep the leads and the information flowing, our Investigators are on standby to talk with you,” said Harter Investigations LLC Investigators.

Jarrett was last seen in his home on the 4400 block of Boyce Dr., Joseph City, Arizona, on July 04, 2023, between 0630-0700. This was verified by the video captured by the CCTV security system.

When investigators were initially hired, Jarrett’s family stated that on July 04, 2023, he left their home, possibly wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a black t-shirt with America on it. Only the shirt has been verified, the family states they did not see Jarrett in jeans and cowboy boots -they were missing from his room and determined to be possible clothing identifier. There have been no verified sightings of Jarrett leaving his home on Boyce dr.

The family states Jarrett left with no ID, no money, no backpack, clothing, or cell phone, and he did not say where he was going or what his intentions were. The home CCTV system showed Jarrett Brooks last-known clothing was a black t-shirt with “America” on it. The t-shirt had a patch on the left sleeve and the lettering “America” with other designs under it on the front of the shirt. Black and grey basketball shorts, and no shoes.

Jarrett left his home with a pistol according to his parents, Brian, and Laura Brooks. In the video, Jarrett is placing what looks to be a pistol into the waist band of his shorts and leaving the room quietly. As noted in picture shared in this update.

Picture of Jarrett Brooks taken from the live CCTV video feed. Jarrett has what appears to be a pistol in his waste band that he took from the family safe. Also, this is the last known video of Jarrett Brooks that was captured in a picture.

Jarrett took the pistol mentioned above on July 4th around 0630 and 0700 as noted from the home CCTV security system. It is unknown why Jarrett took the pistol with him at this time.

Shortly after Jarrett possibly left his home, a local Rancher believes he saw a person matching Jarrett’s description walking across his field holding a firearm. The rancher states he saw someone through binoculars meeting the description of Jarrett and the possible clothing identifiers. The rancher never made contact with Jarrett.

When the rancher went to meet up with Jarrett on Haul Rd, the ranchers said, “he just vanished.”

It is unknown what happened to Jarrett after that.

Investigators have worked on the Jarrett Brooks case with the understanding that he is in danger and knew time was the priority.

“We have received many leads from the community of Joseph City and surrounding areas and would like to thank all of you for your tireless efforts,” said Investigators.

A search party is currently being set up to search several areas for any clues leading to the recovery of Jarrett Brooks. If you want to help search, please contact Harter Investigations LLC at jamesharter@harterpi.com or call/text 480-904-2628.

Harter noted that searchers must be willing to provide a valid state-issued ID Card and undergo a background screening to participate.

Picture of missing Juvenile, Jarrett Brooks. Missing flyer $50,000 reward

Molly K Ottman Executive Editor/Journalist for Mountain Daily Star


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